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Hi There, I’m Theresa! 

They call me “Miss Succulent” or “The Succulent Guru”, but to be honest with you, I had my own share of failures in the beginning.

It was 2012 when I received my very first succulent plant as a birthday present. I loved it so much, and gave it all the attention and care that I had to give. I also gave it plenty of water, because what kind of plant doesn’t love water? 

As the days went on my plant became more and more sad, frowning through its drooping leaves. I thought surely there was another explanation, but the truth was right there in front of me. I had overwatered. Disappointed in myself, I transferred the plant to the garden thinking that it would perhaps fare better under the care of Mother Nature. 

To my great surprise, I was right. The succulent plant had actually thrived in my neglect, having formed a cluster of new flower-shaped rosettes right there in the dirt! I learned something about succulents that day that would grow in me like a seed, blossoming only, as all things do, through equal parts time and love.   


Chopstick & Succulents is Born

Fast forward four years and my husband Eryl and I are cruising through the sunny hills of Southern California. We ended up at the Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, one of those old Spanish missions with the adobe walls. It also happened to have one of the most beautiful succulent gardens I have ever laid eyes on. 

Color, shape, texture, form … I could not believe how alive I felt in the presence of such a garden. It was like standing next to a great painting, or listening to an orchestra! That seed that was planted in my heart years before had started, miraculously, to bloom.

I knew exactly what I needed to do …

Creative Succulent Arrangements

My first succulent arrangement was made in an old clay pot that was just lying around. I added a few small succulent cuttings and created a miniature garden landscape. Then I tried another, this one a tribute to the fountain arrangement I first saw at Mission San Luis Rey.  I was pleased with the results, but even more pleased with what I had discovered:

Working with succulents didn’t feel like working at all, it felt like playing! I had stumbled upon an activity that made me feel like a kid again. I had found a hobby that allowed me to be creative while also providing me with the peace and comfort that I had been searching for. 

It wasn’t long before I had more succulents on my hand that I could handle! That’s when I realized it was time to share my plants with the rest of the world. 

Colorful Succulent Clippings

Today Chopstick and Succulents is a dedicated source of colorful succulent clippings that can help kickstart your journey into becoming a succulent gardener. 

Our Colorful & Not-So-Common arrangement features over 40 succulent clippings, including varieties that are hard to find at your local nursery or garden store. This is a great way to add diversity and color to your home garden.

We also offer a 120 Succulent Combo Pack which not only features enough healthy and colorful succulent clippings to start your own garden, but includes my two all-time favorite tools for succulent care: specially designed succulent tweezers and an innovative 3-In-1 Clip Lens that allows you to get a more up close and personal look at your succulent’s health. 

Succulent Blog

Ever since I became ‘hooked’ on succulents, I have made it my mission to help educate people on the science and techniques that are involved with succulent care, so that they might be as successful as I have been at cultivating a hobby that is fun as it is therapeutic. 

Whether you are new to succulents or an old hand, I invite you to subscribe to the Chopstick & Succulents Blog where you can learn all the basics of succulent care with our popular Succulents 101. We also tackle more advanced topics like How to Harvest Echeveria Pups or How to Grow More Colorful Succulents.

By subscribing to the blog, you are making sure that you won’t miss out on the newest lessons and information from Chopstick and Succulents. 

Instructional Succulent Videos

In addition to the blog, Chopstick and Succulents is home to a wide array of detailed instructional videos that are designed to help you jump right in to the succulent game without skipping a beat. 

In these videos we will go beyond just basic succulent care. For instance I can teach you how to make your very own Succulent Fairy Garden, or how to use recycled or reclaimed goods to create your own Repurposed Succulent Arrangement. 

Succulent E-book: “Important Tips You Need to Know”

For the dedicated and inspired newbies, I recommend taking a look at the Chopstick and Succulents educational e-book, “Important Tips You Need to Know”, where I have compiled all of the most important information concerning proper succulent care into once place. 

Succulent Therapy

I got into succulents because of how good I felt when working with the plant. I found that caring for living and colorful things brought life and color into my own life. Working with my hands, feeling the cool soil and plump leaves between my fingers … it just makes the worries of my own life fade into the background.  

I started Chopstick and Succulents because I wanted to share my new joy with the world. So have a look around, watch a few videos, and be sure to SUBSCRIBE while you’re here and we’ll keep you in the loop about new blog posts, educational videos, or special sales.  

We’re so glad you’ve decided to start your succulent journey with us! 

                                                                                                                       -  Ma Theresa Ebro

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