Succulents are not only beautiful but also unique. They can be used in unusual arrangements because they can survive prolonged periods of drought and can become more colorful if given adequate sunlight. When they are displayed in a special way, their beauty and uniqueness become more apparent.

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Video Tutorials


A metal wall décor was transformed  into a vertical succulent arrangement.

We lined the metal with moss. The roots of the succulents were individually wrapped as well and arranged according to the shape of the metal décor. 

To maintain this project, this needs to be watered once a week.


We used a large ceramic planter for this project. Holes were drilled. A dried bonsai tree was then added and secured using hot glue. A well  draining soil was placed which  is a combination of 1/2 potting soil, 1/4 Perlite and 1/4 coarse sand. 

Different varieties of succulents was planted. Miniature Chinese Pagoda and bridge was used as embellishments as well as the Chinese guy. Rocks and pebbles helped to create a Chinese garden landscape design.

This is a large fairy garden succulent arrangement. Holes were drilled in the planter. Rocks were added at the bottom with a purpose of reducing the amount of soil used (but it's not a good idea because it became very heavy that the project needs 3 people to transfer).

In this project, I used driftwood, miniature fairies, and other miniature accessories. Rocks and pebbles were used as pathways and final toppings.

Check out the video to learn more.


The wreath was wrapped with moss and secured with wires.

Assorted succulents was added and some embellishments.

You can follow the same steps with round wreaths.

Check out this video tutorial.


In this video, you will learn not only how to make this colorful succulent arrangement in Asian design container but at the same time, you get to see  our garden where we grow the colorful succulents.

Check this out!

Fresh flower arrangements are beautiful but their beauty does not last long. Instead of throwing away the wooden container, it was reused for succulents arrangement. The result turned out beautiful and this time it would last for months or even years?

Check out this video.